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Tai-Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise, a very gentle form of meditation, sometimes called a walking or moving meditation. These graceful movements together with deep breathing and relaxation help to relieve stress and slow down a busy mind. This has a very calming and therapeutic effect on mind, body and spirit.


It is proven to help promote better, deeper sleep patterns as well as physical fitness including balance, co-ordination, flexibility and strength. Tai-Chi is also a beneficial practice for brain fitness; it increase the number of connections in the brains neural parthways as well as improving the flow of oxygen to the brain and body through deep breathing exercises.


Tai-Chi is a low impact form of exercise which will not put pressure on your bones and joints therefore suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.


Our Tai-Chi Master Michael Low has over 30 years of experience and will be teaching the yang style long form at our retreat over the summer months. Practising Tai-Chi Chuan (part one) in a social group setting to music in beautiful surroundings leaves you with the feel-good factor...

tai chi retreat

  • Friday:


    5pm  Open for arrivals

    6pm  Meet and greet and weekend overview

    7pm  Nutritious healthy dinner

    9pm  Group guided meditation




    8am  Healthy breakfast

    9am  Group guided meditation

    10am  Tai Chi Class (2hrs)

    1pm  Healthy lunch

    2pm  Tai Chi Class (2hrs)

    4pm  Free Time (swim, relax and enjoy the grounds)

    pre-booked 1-1 sessions will be taken during this time

    6pm  Group sound healing (Gongs/crystal bowls)

    7pm  Healthy dinner

    8pm  Group discussion or creative activity

    Pre-booked 1-1 sessions will be taken during this time

    9pm  Group guided meditation




    8am  Healthy breakfast

    9am  Group guided meditation

    10am  Tai Chi Class (2hrs)

    1pm  Helathy lunch

    2pm  Tai Chi Class (1hr disscussion and review)

    3pm  Free Time (swim, relax and enjoy the grounds)

    pre-booked 1-1 sessions will be taken during this time

    4pm  Group guided meditation

    5pm  Departure

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